What is STEM education? Part 2


The modern world poses difficult tasks for education: learning should be interesting, knowledge should be applicable in practice, training should be in an entertaining way, and all this, of course, should bring good results for the future child – high-paying work, self-realization, high IQ. Some parents and teachers still cling to their heads in search […]

What is STEM education?


School graduates of the 21st century are expected to demonstrate their skills and understanding of processes and phenomena that nobody in the schools of the 20th century thought about. A major challenge for teachers and heads of educational institutions is becoming an organization of classes and the educational process, in which students have all the […]

How to put education on resume?


Section of the summary, which reflects information about how to put education on resume, as a rule, does not cause special difficulties for candidates in its filling. But here you need to follow certain rules in order to avoid mistakes and to know how to put education on resume. The sequence of listed schools Most […]

What is primary education?


Many American children attend kindergarten. The age of entry into primary school can vary from 5 to 8 years depending on the state. Five-year-olds are admitted to class zero, which is not mandatory in some states. In elementary school, children learn 5-6 years. During this time, all subjects except drawing, music, and physical education are […]

Definition essay

Definition essay is the explanation of a word. It answers the question: “What does it mean?” Definitions come in two types. A formal definition is a short definition that states the meaning of a word in one or two sentences (dictionary definition). This type is used for explaining words that might be unfamiliar to the […]