What is primary education?


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Many American children attend kindergarten. The age of entry into primary school can vary from 5 to 8 years depending on the state. Five-year-olds are admitted to class zero, which is not mandatory in some states. In elementary school, children learn 5-6 years. During this time, all subjects except drawing, music, and physical education are taught by one teacher. In elementary school, children learn arithmetic, reading and writing (spelling and vocabulary). Natural sciences are taught a little, and social sciences – often in the form of local history. It is interesting to know what is primary education.

In the US, there was a high-quality school system. An approximate study of the form and structure shows the difference of this system from the usual stereotypes of Russian education, which has the roots of the Soviet pedagogical system. The find out about of young Americans starts at the age of 5 with getting into the zero classification of fundamental school, in which schoolchildren have to learn about up to the fifth grade. Pre-school schooling abroad is very extraordinary from Russian education. In the US, Zero category for preschoolers has a identify translated as “kindergarten”, in fact, these are real school lessons, with a strict schedule, divided into six classes per day. A unique function of the zero type is the lack of homework. This structure teaches the infant to stay in a team and prepares him for similarly learning. Many instructions have sensible orientation and teach adolescents to seriously put together for the desire of profession. For example, mother and father come to class and speak about their work, or invite college students to go to their region of work, where they acquire visible instructions about a particular profession.

Primary education in the United States has many distinctive features, for example: teaching in all subjects of primary school is usually taught by one teacher. Already in this stage of education among the students stand out teens with exceptional abilities. The identification of these abilities is assisted with the aid of a gadget of tests that accompanies American residents throughout the entire period of their activity. And for the reason that the 0.33 grade, students are tested annually. In the identical way as the life of an American depends on a correctly surpassed test, the destiny of a pupil also relies upon on the effects of the test. The infant receives his first assessment of the stage of development by way of the cease of the first 12 months of study, and this is the groundwork of the manner of similarly teaching. Now you know what is primary education.